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The most shocking revelation of hidden truth I have ever heard. EVERY MAN WOMAN AND CHILD DESTINED TO SPEND A LIFE OF SERVITUDE MUST WATCH THIS. STAND UP WE'VE BEEN DUPED!! Observe the situation in Egypt. That proves the powers that be cannot stand against a united peoples. Thats what they fear the most This video exposes the true identity of Abraham Lincoln, Stalin, and the people known as the Zionists.Also covered Fractional Reserve Banking, the real motives behind WWI WWII and Vietnam The difference between the original Semitic people of Israel and the Khazars. Rothschild and Black nobility. Stay tuned you too will see what evil permeates societal structures. .

Strange Harbor is a terrestrial radio talk show that discusses various paranormal topics. The hosts offer numerous theories and potentially "controversial" opinions with the intent of sharing possibilities in this "strange" world.

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