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Episode #120 - Parallel Universes, Engineered DNA & more

Aug 21 2017 48+ minutes Astronomy Download (MP3)
Parallel Universes, Engineered DNA & more

Griffith University academics are challenging the foundations of quantum science with a radical new theory based on the existence of, and interactions between, parallel universes.

In a paper published in the prestigious journal Physical Review X, Professor Howard Wiseman and Dr Michael Hall from Griffith's Centre for Quantum Dynamics, and Dr Dirk-Andre Deckert from the University of California, take interacting parallel worlds out of the realm of science fiction and into that of hard science.

The team proposes that parallel universes really exist, and that they interact. That is, rather than evolving independently, nearby worlds influence one another by a subtle force of repulsion. They show that such an interaction could explain everything that is bizarre about quantum mechanics

Quantum theory is needed to explain how the universe works at the microscopic scale, and is believed to apply to all matter. But it is notoriously difficult to fathom, exhibiting weird phenomena which seem to violate the laws of cause and effect.

Also, human DNA. Lloyd Pye Intervention Theory: Expert in evolutionary theory from Alien genetic manipulation, he has spoken across the world written several books and insights on the Starchild. Did human origin really begin from apes? Where is all the missing origin data? We have only dozens of bones to work with and yet our entire evolutionary theory is based upon them.


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